E Business Staffing is not your standard recruiting agency

Successful airlines are getting and staying ahead by running their organizations more effectively. We realize the continuous demand for qualified staffing needs that all airlines are experiencing in today's fast-paced environment.

We've risen to the challenge of filling roles requiring SIDA clearances at airports throughout the US. We've established relationships with badging offices to set up our company as a Signatory and provide insurance requirements to cover all new hires in SIDA roles. For those airport locations not requiring a Signatory, we've built relationships with personnel to quickly get our new hires through the SIDA badging process.

The most essential resource in the new economy is talented people. Locating and leveraging those resources has become one of the most daunting challenges faced by a new generation of airlines. They must manage gaps in skills and knowledge while accurately forecasting future needs.

We pride ourselves on making the perfect match for the candidate and employer alike. Each of our employees has years of experience in the staffing industry. By tapping into this ever-expanding network through the use of powerful resources, our associates identify airlines with specific talent needs, secure job orders, screen resumes, qualify candidates, and coordinate the interviewing and hiring processes.

The E Business Staffing Difference

We are equipped to deal with Badging Offices at all US Airports - When your needs are to hire a contractor to work at a specific airport, we can facilitate that process, and help the consultant in getting their SIDA badge. We also carry the insurance requirements that are required to work at airport properties throughout the US.

Accurate assessment - Proper and targeted assessment is the first step towards hiring the most talented professionals. At E Business Staffing, we strive to find a match for both the client and the consultant. We perform targeted and practical assessments of candidate profiles and screen the most qualified candidates possible for each and every position. This makes the selection process easier for our airline clients.

Experience - Our intensive market experience happens to be one of the prime reasons for our success. We know the distinctive client culture of the client, and needs thus offering specific targeted solutions to find the perfect candidate.

We carry best-in-class insurance coverage

  • $1 Million General Liability - Each Occurrence
  • $300,000 damage to any rented property - Each Occurrence
  • $1 Million personal & ADV Injury
  • $2 Million General Aggregate
  • $1 Million Automobile Insurance Any Auto used for work
  • $10,000 Medical expense
  • $2 Million Products - Comp OP AGG
  • $10 Million Excess Umbrella Liability - Each occurrence
  • $1 Million Error and Omissions
  • $1 Million Crime Policy - Fidelity Bond - Client Property ++
  • $1 Million Workers Comp - Bodily Injury by Accident
  • $1 Million Workers Comp - Injury by Disease - Policy Limit
  • $1 Million Workers Comp - Injury by Disease - Each Occurrence

++ Not normally carried by suppliers/vendors, but critical in the state of the world today. This insurance not only protects us but also your company if a consultant was to be involved in a serious criminal activity on your premises.

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